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14 Celebrities Who Voiced Animated Characters

There have been many fantastic animated movies, what with the fantastic Disney Pixar franchise leading the way of course. What with all those cartoons we still watch now ( you know who you are) and not forgetting, all those cartoons we enjoyed in our childhood. 

Top Celebrities who turned down now legendary films

We are sure 2019 will be a year where many new top box office hits will be released, but there have been many fantastic films and TV shows in the last few decades! But these legendary films could of been so much different had the real first choice celebrity been cast!  For example Tom Hanks was actually the third choice for Forrest Gump and the two actors before him were,,,,,,,, well scroll below to find out just who along with many more top roles!


Forrest Gump    Actor  John Travolta    Role Forrest Gump