February Quality Target Smashed!

We what a month it has been so far. At the start of February we had a target of how many featured entertainers we wanted to have listed with us, by the end of this month! Based on the fact I have dealt with just over 90 new listings since our new site went live at the start of this month, we have already smashed through our target.

We can't thank you enough. As I have mentioned before, the quality coming through is fantastic and it makes my job so much more easier!

When Danny met Navi

Daniel Kacey hooks up with Navi the Worlds Number one Michael Jackson tribute, backstage at a recent gig. Navi performes world wide and even performed at Michael Jackson's 50th birthday. This man really really is world class entertainment and a must see. Daniel said "For a moment I forgot he was a tribute, Jacko was back with us and we loved doing the lighting for Thriller!" Simply Amazing!"

Navi The Worlds Number 1 MJ Tribue meets Daniel Kacey