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Things Only Singers Will Ever Understand


Things That Will Make Your Gig Better

So you may have read some of our previous blogs about some of the funny or negative things Entertainers experience at gigs, such as our "What Annoys Entertainers Most". Feel free to click the link and take a look if you have missed that one. But all in all, most Entertainers will tell you this is the best job in the world. All of us at You Book Entertainment will tell you the same.

The Things Entertainers Always Get Told At Gigs

Every week you entertainers go to a new venue looking forward to performing for your audience. Without doubt there is always someone, be it from the audience or the venue owner that will say something to you that you really don't appreciate. Either that or a comment that is expected as you have heard it time and time before!



Singers you think can't actually sing!

Ok, A little bit of an controversial blog, but it was fun to do all the same. We sent some of our team out into town to ask the public to name top household celebrity singers, who they thought couldn't actually sing at all? Is this proof that some celebrities don't deserve their millions and status at all, and there are more undiscovered singers out there who do? Are many singers just living off of the success of their first song? Maybe the hundreds of people we asked just didn't like them, and we did ask both men and woman?  It just so happened that more female singers were named.

The Top Ten Celebrity Singer Fails

We all know what it can be like when you make a mistake live on stage, nine times out of ten we can cover it up and no one even notices it. But imagine what it would be like to mess up live in an arena in front of thousands of people, with hundreds of cameras watching. If you are a celebrity too, well that is just awful!

Click the image below to watch ten of the best celebrity singer fails!

Guest Blog Marika Rauscher Soprano & Award Winning Opera Cross Over Singer

What do I do? What have I done? And how do I do it?

Ah, the billion dollar questions! Where do I start?

OK, so, what do I do?

I’m an Opera Crossover Soprano. The term crossover often causes confusion as it has no real definitive term, but in my case, it simply means that I am classically trained as an Opera Singer, and cross over / perform other musical genres in their own styles, including (but not limited to) Musical Theatre, Cabaret and Jazz.

What This Singer Actually Got Batman To Do!

Top 12 Biggest Selling Music Singles in the 1980s

Do you remember the 1980s? A time when there was no internet, no down loading and people used to have to go to a shop and actually buy a single? Nothing better than the joy of actually holding that record in your hand, getting it home and removing it from the sleeve. Either that or you sat by your radio and actually taped the latest songs, trying as best you could not to record the DJ speaking at the end! A great time for music, so in case you didn't know; here are the top 12 biggest selling music singles from 1980 to 1989.

Pre Gig Luck Rituals, Surely You Don't Do These Too?

So if you think your superstition or pre gig ritual is weird? Don't worry you are not alone. One superstar still carries their baby blanky with them! So even some of the top celebrities and musicians have that something they have to do, or take with them before performing.

Scroll down through the list below and read these 15 celebrity superstitions. Feel free to comment if you can spot one that matches what you do or if not,tell us yours!


Marvin Aday aka Meatloaf

Things Only People Who Gig Will Ever Know!

This Light Hearted Blog is about things that only grass roots entertainers will ever understand.

All those things that you know will happen when you go out gigging, Wonder if they happen?, When sometimes you wish they wouldn't.

This is the life on the road, arriving at different venues and seeing hundreds of strangers week in week out, yet having fun looking for those familiar things!