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So you may have read some of our previous blogs about some of the funny or negative things Entertainers experience at gigs, such as our "What Annoys Entertainers Most". Feel free to click the link and take a look if you have missed that one. But all in all, most Entertainers will tell you this is the best job in the world. All of us at You Book Entertainment will tell you the same. So read and find out about those totally unexpected surprises that dont happen at gigs often, but it's great when they do !


Sounds simple enough, but how may gigs have you been on where you have to walk into a strange venue and try to find someone? Strolling up to the bar and saying "Hi I'm your Entertainment" with a response of "Oh are you, the manager isn't in tonight" is really not a good starting point. But to have a club steward or venue manager welcome you on arrival, shake your hand and ask if you had a good journey, makes you feel truly welcome from the very start!


Yes we are all Entertainers and should want to be on stage as long as possible, but an early finish is always welcome. Even more so when you have driven miles and you can now set off earlier. It doesn't happen that often but normally happens like this. You double check with the club steward what time you should go on, how long each set should be etc?  You also discuss with them the time you understand you must finish by, based on your booking contract. You are finishing at midnight right? But the response is that this isn't correct as they only have an 11:30pm license and ask could you go on a little earlier instead, or have shorter breaks? You tell them this is no problem at all! Now you are performing for as long as you thought you were anyway, and still will be home earlier too! 


Not only has the manager welcomed you on arrival, they......................READ MORE


We recently carried out a survey with many of our entertainers, to find out just what they found most annoying when out gigging . We had some interesting answers and the top annoying thing wasn't what we actually thought it would be. We thought it would be those drunk people wanting to talk to you or help at the end of the night, but it wasn't. Those drunk people almost won,  but what was number one didn't actually surprise us.  I'm sure you have all had to experience this at one time or another!



Ok it seems the most obvious thing and we were surprised about this as travelling tends to go hand in hand with gigging. Personally we love road trips, with late night service station junk food stop offs. But some of you Entertainers just don't like the journey to or from a gig. The response we had showed how there are man entertainers out there who love it when a local booking comes up so you can leave home later and get to bed earlier!




Yes this is a good one and the vote we had for this one came mostly from singers and bands, obviously not childrens Entertainers as that wouldn't be right! But there are those times when bands have wanted to have a full dance floor, but the adults seem put off by the kids doing knee skids on the dance floor. Also for solo singers who stand there and sing a love song beautifully for couples to dance to, but instead they are put off by the children  READ MORE