Day Out Sledging In Devon

Well what better way to spend a hot summers day? Entertaining ourselves Sledging and Skiing of course. We were invited down to have a look and see exactly what goes on at the Devon Ski Centre. That is the place where you can see the large dry ski slope up on the hill, just after you arrive in Plymouth via the A38.

The Ents Capital UK Ltd team spend the day at the brilliant and fun Devon Ski Centre, which is a great place for hard core winter sports enthusiasts, people who would like... Posted 5 years 6 months ago


I'm absolutely Thrilled to announce that we have now reached over 1500 followers on our Twitter feed.  As Marketing Manager at Ents Capital UK Ltd, these social media elements man so much to me and I want to personally thank all of our followers for clicking that button.

Natalie and I love chatting to people on Twitter and reading all the kind messages you send, some of which have lead us to now feature some great new entertainers. Oh and we have had some funny conversations on... Posted 5 years 7 months ago

Stacey Helps With Bristol Argyle FC Kit Launch

Proudly our own in house singer and Marketing manager Stacey Christopher (left) recently was asked to help out a local Bristol Football team with their kit launch.

Bristol Argyle FC officials know Stacey and know of her "fairly" glam looks and so got in contact with her to help with their online 2015/16 kit promotion.  Stacey also got in contact with some of her other friends and got them involved with the photo shoot. Of course Bristol Argyle FC didn't mind!.

Stacey told us... Posted 5 years 8 months ago

Natalie Meets The Champions

Ever on her missions looking for an opportunity to meet the rich and famous, this weekend our Natalie managed to get in the dressing room of Premier League Champions Chelsea! Natalie was touring London this bank holiday weekend, speaking to venues to promote Ents Capital and this also bought her to a few big football grounds who also hold functions, club and corporate events.

Sadly for Natalie the Chelsea team weren't in the showers or getting changed at the time, although she did get... Posted 5 years 10 months ago

One Girl and Her Dog

Had to share this with you all.

Our own lovely Marketing manager Stacey Christopher and her handsome dog Harry who she brings to work every day!

Harry spends the day either sleeping under her desk or watching everyone out of the window doing some talent spotting of his own!

Harry is also learning new dance moves and working on a duet show with Stacey!

... Posted 5 years 12 months ago

February Quality Target Smashed!

We what a month it has been so far. At the start of February we had a target of how many featured entertainers we wanted to have listed with us, by the end of this month! Based on the fact I have dealt with just over 90 new listings since our new site went live at the start of this month, we have already smashed through our target.

We can't thank you enough. As I have mentioned before, the quality coming through is fantastic and it makes my job so much more easier!

Brand new... Posted 6 years 1 week ago

Thank You Team

Just want to say a thank you to all of the team at Ents Capital UK who have worked very hard this week during the switch over from the old website to the new one. The transition has been very smooth and with seemingly no problems, plus new entertainers listing already! You have all done a great job.

Also wish to say a big thank you to Joe, David and all the team at GWS Media who have done a great job with our new website and have been supportive all the way through! Either on the end... Posted 6 years 3 weeks ago

When Danny met Navi

Daniel Kacey hooks up with Navi the Worlds Number one Michael Jackson tribute, backstage at a recent gig. Navi performes world wide and even performed at Michael Jackson's 50th birthday. This man really really is world class entertainment and a must see. Daniel said "For a moment I forgot he was a tribute, Jacko was back with us and we loved doing the lighting for Thriller!" Simply Amazing!"

... Posted 6 years 1 month ago

Stacey Reports from Abroad

Whilst we at Ents Capital shiver in the cold and get blown away by the UK Wind.  Finance & Marketing Manager Stacey Christopher, mocks us by sending us this picture of her enjoying drinks abroad! "I am working" she tells us, "I've seen some great entertainment and been to some great night clubs" Won't be long until you are back in the office, enjoy it while it lasts Stacey!

Posted 6 years 1 month ago

New Launch

The count down is almost over until the UKs Best Entertainment resource for Venues, relaunches into something better!!!! Watch this space

Posted 6 years 1 month ago