Spice Girls Reunion To Happen Without Posh

We have waited years and heard months of speculation as to if The Spice Girls reunion would ever happen? Now Geri has confirmed that it will but sadly with only four of them! Geri admitted that nothing is set in stone as yet, and no final decisions made; however once things are in place they will announce it together! 

It seems that Victoria Beckham... Posted 1 year 9 months ago

The Top Ten Celebrity Singer Fails

We all know what it can be like when you make a mistake live on stage, nine times out of ten we can cover it up and no one even notices it. But imagine what it would be like to mess up live in an arena in front of thousands of people, with hundreds of cameras watching. If you are a celebrity too, well that is just awful!

Click the image below to watch ten of the best celebrity singer fails!

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Guest Blog Marika Rauscher Soprano & Award Winning Opera Cross Over Singer

What do I do? What have I done? And how do I do it?

Ah, the billion dollar questions! Where do I start?

OK, so, what do I do?

I’m an Opera Crossover Soprano. The term crossover often causes confusion as it has no real definitive term, but in my case, it simply means that I am classically trained as an Opera Singer, and cross over / perform other musical genres in... Posted 1 year 9 months ago

What This Singer Actually Got Batman To Do!

We sent our own Natalie on a marketing trip to New York just before Christmas to spread the You Book Entertainment word over seas. A simple mission and surely she couldn't get up to any mischief all alone and "Lost In New York" But no it seems she just coudn't help herself and pulled off a stunt that only she could? Now we all know how she regularly used her looks and theatrical charms to get... Posted 1 year 9 months ago

Top 12 Biggest Selling Music Singles in the 1980s

Do you remember the 1980s? A time when there was no internet, no down loading and people used to have to go to a shop and actually buy a single? Nothing better than the joy of actually holding that record in your hand, getting it home and removing it from the sleeve. Either that or you sat by your radio and actually taped the latest songs, trying as best you could not to record the DJ speaking at the end! A great time for music, so in case you didn't know; here are the top 12 biggest selling... Posted 1 year 10 months ago

Guest Blog Francesca Mepham

My life is difficult to categorise, I don't call it my work, as the work I do literally is my life! Primarily I am a classical singer or as I often describe 'classical session singer' as a lot of what I do is performing at ceremonies such as weddings and funerals as well as concerts and events rather than any long runs of shows. When I sing at an event such as a funeral, I feel incredibly privileged to give someone who was so loved and regarded a special farewell in the form of music, which... Posted 1 year 10 months ago

Pre Gig Luck Rituals, Surely You Don't Do These Too?

So if you think your superstition or pre gig ritual is weird? Don't worry you are not alone. One superstar still carries their baby blanky with them! So even some of the top celebrities and musicians have that something they have to do, or take with them before performing.

Scroll down through the list below and read these 15 celebrity superstitions. Feel free to comment if you can spot one that matches what you do or if not,tell us yours!


Marvin Aday aka... Posted 1 year 10 months ago

14 Celebrities Who Voiced Animated Characters

There have been many fantastic animated movies, what with the fantastic Disney Pixar franchise leading the way of course. What with all those cartoons we still watch now ( you know who you are) and not forgetting, all those cartoons we enjoyed in our childhood. 

But of course those characters aren't real people, but someone has to provide a voice for them. But who? Scroll down below to find out just who was the voice behind them. Some of  them you will already know, some of them you... Posted 1 year 10 months ago

Top Celebrities who turned down now legendary films

We are sure 2017 will be a year where many new top box office hits will be released, but there have been many fantastic films and TV shows in the last few decades! But these legendary films could of been so much different had the real first choice celebrity been cast!  For example Tom Hanks was actually the third choice for Forrest Gump and the two actors before him were,,,,,,,, well scroll below to find out just who along with many more top roles!


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10 TV Action Vehicles You All Wanted To Drive

We all had a favourite action TV Show of Film when we were young. A lot of the time these action shows involved the main characters having a distinctive vehicle, to help them save the day . In some cases, the Vehicle itself was the star of the show. But there was one thing in common with these shows. We all wanted to drive the vehicle in question for ourselves! We all wanted to have a go in it or imagined it was our vehicle. How many of you reading this maybe pretended your own BMX bike was... Posted 1 year 11 months ago