Top Celebrities who turned down now legendary films

We are sure 2019 will be a year where many new top box office hits will be released, but there have been many fantastic films and TV shows in the last few decades! But these legendary films could of been so much different had the real first choice celebrity been cast!  For example Tom Hanks was actually the third choice for Forrest Gump and the two actors before him were,,,,,,,, well scroll below to find out just who along with many more top roles!


Forrest Gump    Actor  John Travolta    Role Forrest Gump

Tom Hanks wasn't the studio's first choice for the role. John Travolta was actually the first choice but turned the offer to play this legendary role down! Travolta has since admitted that passing on the part was a mistake.

Forrest Gump    Actor  Bill Murray    Role -Forrest Gump

Bill Murray was asked after John Travolta, if he could play the role of Forrest but like Travolta turned it down. Somehow seems this former Ghostbuster couldn't be taken seriously enough to play someone so passionate about a box of chocolates!


Monster Ball    Actress  Angela Bassett    Role  Leticia Musgrove

Bassett reportedly turned down the role as she said she found the part demeaning and not something she could look back on in years to come and be proud of. Even though Bassett wasn't working much at the time she still said no. The role led to Halle Berry being the first African-American woman to wina Best Actress Oscar.

Ghost    Actor Bruce Willis    Role Sam Wheat

In the 1990s massive hit "Ghost," Bruce Willis was originally offered the chance to play the role of Sam. He would of actually had the chance to play the role alongside his then wife Demi Moore. The part went to the late Patrick Swayze, who was excellent in the role. It would of been hard to see the action star Willis, play such a tender role.

Gladiator    Actor Mel Gibson    Role Maximus

No one can accuse Gibson of being vain,  as he actually said no to this role of Maximus as he felt he was getting too old to be playing this type of action role, and certainly no longer a Gladiator! Gibson was asked before Russell Crowe, who went on to win an oscar and become a massive star. Not to worry Mel, you were fantastic voicing Rocky in Chicken Run!

Grease    Actor Henry Winkler     Role Danny Zuko

Extremely obvious that the producers of "Grease" would want  the Fonz from  "Happy Days" to sar in the 1978 legendary movie musical. Winkler said no as he was worried that he would only be considered for similar roles and a one style actor. Winkler said he regreted turning Grease down as it would of been a role he could of played easily and maybe  been cooler than John Travolta. Travolta played the iconic character Danny Zuko.

Scream    Actress Reese Witherspoon    Role Sidney Prescott

Reese delined the chance to play the lead role in this 1996 horror movie. Neve Campbell said yes and ran around trying to unmask the white masked killer. Reese also said no to another horror role in a horror film, the 1998's "Urban Legend." Maybe she just wasn't a fan or got frightened to easily?.

Charlie's Angels    Actress Angelina Joli    Role Alex Munday

Sometimes it really is a case of how and Actor or Actress just isn't a great fan of a franchise and so this was the case with Angelina. She was originally offered the role of Alex Munday in the big-screen reboot of "Charlie's Angels" back in 2000 but said no. Reason being, Angelina openly said how she wasn't a fan of the original 1970s series. Lucy Liu was and did a great job.

50 Shades Of Grey    Actor Garrett Hedlund    Role Christian Grey

So say, it was kept hush hush that Hedlund signed on to play Mr Grey the S&M lover in the big screen version of a book that had so many woman very happy in 2014. Hedlund is said to have dropped out due to a lack of a connection with the character. Connection, what more connection woud you need other than cable tie connections?

The Matrix    Actor Will Smith    Role Neo

So it was almost Will playing the role of Neo and not Keanu. Ewan McGregor also turned this role down. Will Smith stated that he turned the role down as he would of totally "Messed it all up" Mind you Will Smith is quite a tall gentleman so it would be hard to see him flexing in all those fight scene positions. The Fresh Prince as Neo, that could of been interesting.


The X Files    Actress Pamela Anderson    Role Dana Sculley

A casting choice that seems odd but very true! The producers of the X-Files had their eye, like many; on Anderson to play the role of FBI Special Agent Scully. Pamela was very much all over our TV screens at the time. This role instead helped Gillian Anderson become a household name. Gillian reportedly said "They were probably looking for someone leggier, taller and more "gifted" than me." At least the surnames were the same!

Footloose    Actor Tom Cruise    Role Ren McCormack

One role that was turned down by star Tom Cruise, the chance to play Ren McCormack in Footloose. The role was eventually played by Kevin Bacon. Mind you I bet producers are pleased now after seeing Tom's moves jumping up and down on a chair declaring his love for Katie Holmes!


The Shawshank Redemption    Actor Kevin Costner    Role Andy Dufresne

In the 1980s and 1990s Kevin Costner was arguably one of the biggest movie stars at the time. He was offered the leading role in the fantastic "Shawshank Redemption." Costner actually said no so he could focus on a project he was pasisonate about and working on. This was the film "Waterworld," Sadly this became one of the biggest flops in movie history. The role of Andy Defresne was eventually played by Tim Robbins..

The Adams Family    Actress Cher    Role Morticia Adams

Cher refused the role of Morticia in the movie version of this gothic TV show. Funnily enough, Cher was also considered for the part of the Grand High Witch in 1989's The Witches," Angelica Huston went on to play the role of Morticia. Maybe Cher just didn't want to play the part of a Witch just because she had long dark hair?

Indiana Jones    Actor Tom Selleck    Role Indiana Jones

Selleck was made famous by Magnum PI and it was actually the producers of Magnum that would not allow their star to visit any temples of doom! Yes this would of been an even bigger break for Selleck, but he decided to stand by the Magnum role he was already playing. Selleck was said to be "extremely torn on the choice". Of course Harrison Ford went on to play the heroe Archeologist Indiana Jones!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer    Katie Holmes    Role Buffy

A case of a young lady being very homely and doing what her parents would want any daughter to. Katie Holmes turned this role down as she wanted to finish high school first! Sarah Michelle Gellar originally auditioned for Cordelia who was a cheer leader in this teen cult 1990s series. Gellar went on to play the lead role of Buffy and fight off those vampires!

Silence Of The Lambs    Actress Michelle Pfeiffer    Role Clarice Starling

It was screenwriter Ted Tally suggested Jodie Foster would be the best person for this film and she did actually get the part.  It was when Jonathan Demm, was hired to direct the movie, he said that he wanted Pfeiffer to play the role of Clarice Starling instead. However Foster had nothing to worry about as Pfeiffer said no as she felt the film was far too violent.

Showgirls    Actress Drew Barrymore    Role Nomi Malone

Barrymore was first offered the lead role of Nomi Malone in Showgirls but turned it down. For some reason this film went on to be regarded as one of the worst films ever made? I'm sure fans of the 90s classic TV series"Saved By The Bell" will disagree and loved seeing Elizabeth Berkley not wearing very much through out. Mind you, had it been Drew playing the role, would this film have been so bad?

Edward Scissorhands    Actor Jim Carey    Role Edward Scissorhands

After becoming more well-known as an actor in "In Living Color," Carrey began to be considred for some bigger film roles including Scissorhands. However it was decided that Carrey lacked experience as a more dramatic actor during this time. Edward Scissorhands would have thought to of not been taken seriously enough, had Jim been given the role!.


Twighlight    Actress Emily Browning    Role Bella Swan

This actress from Australia most well known for her role in "Sucker Punch" reportedly flat-out refused to even come and audition for the role of Bella in the hugely successful "Twilight" series and franchise.


Sister Act    Actress Bette Midler    Role Deloris/Sister Mary Clarence

There's no doubt that Bette would have been perfect for the role that Whoopi Goldberg eventually played so well.Midler decided to pass on the part of the Las Vegas showgirl, hiding out in a convent due to concerns about her fans reacting badly to her playing a nun.


The Godfather    Actor Jack Nicholson    Role Michael Corleon

While casting the classic mafia film in 1972, Paramount reportedly thought the project was a risky venture and wanted an established star to play the lead. Nicholson, declined along with Robert Redford, Warren Beatty and Ryan O'Neal. The part was eventually played by Al Pacino and one of the most iconic performances in movie history!


Pretty Woman    Actress Daryl Hannah    Role Vivian Ward

Darryl Hannah passed on the star making role in "Pretty Woman." I'm sure you would agree, Hannah would of been more than pretty enough to play Vivian Ward. Actress Molly Ringwald also was offered the role but also turned it down. In the end Julia Roberts did a stunning job alongside Richard Gere

Clueless    Acress Sarah Michelle Gellar    Role Amber

Sarah was the first to be offered the play role of Amber a high school girl who was a bit of a bitch in  '90s movie "Clueless," but turned it down due to conflicts of schedule with ‚ÄúAll My Children.‚Äù The role was eventually played by Elisa Donovan