Spice Girls Reunion To Happen Without Posh

We have waited years and heard months of speculation as to if The Spice Girls reunion would ever happen? Now Geri has confirmed that it will but sadly with only four of them! Geri admitted that nothing is set in stone as yet, and no final decisions made; however once things are in place they will announce it together! 

It seems that Victoria Beckham still has no plans to be part of any renunion, although she has said this before. Maybe there was a little bit of hope for us all after she was part of the 2012 olympic games performance in London. Posh Spice or maybe Boring Spice as it seems now said to Vanity Fair magazine last year "Sometimes you've got to know when it's time to leave the party," "Being part of the Olympics was an incredible honour. I was so proud to do it. The olympics seemed the perfect time to say, Thank you to everybody, but no more.'" All five girls Sporty, Scarey, Ginger, Baby and Posh all reunited in 2012 to take part in the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

It was  the most viewed video on the official Olympics YouTube channel. Some fans suggested that the only reason Victora only took place in the olympics, was so her husband David Beckham didn't steal her limelight with his secret agent speed boat, olympic flame journey!

The Spice Girls were always definitely looking to do something to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Girl Power, and this was reported by Mel B duing an interview. After all, when they burst onto the scene in 1996 the whole of the UK and then the world went crazy for them. Many ladies now believed they could do anything and inspired by The Spice Girls! How many of you can remember and maybe owned their  first album "Spice" This came out in 1996 as did Wannabe, Say You'll Be There and 2 Become 1.

But it seems their could still be a Spice Girls reunion with five members? After Adele took part recently in James Corden's Car Pool Karaoke. Geri said to Chris Evans on Radio 2  "Maybe Adele could replace Posh as part of the reunion?"