Pre Gig Luck Rituals, Surely You Don't Do These Too?

So if you think your superstition or pre gig ritual is weird? Don't worry you are not alone. One superstar still carries their baby blanky with them! So even some of the top celebrities and musicians have that something they have to do, or take with them before performing.

Scroll down through the list below and read these 15 celebrity superstitions. Feel free to comment if you can spot one that matches what you do or if not,tell us yours!


Marvin Aday aka Meatloaf

The larger than life rock star is really a big Teddy Bear at heart. No honestly he actually is. Meatloaf has admitted that he has a large collection of Teddy Bears, with two that always travel with him for good luck! Bat out of hell, more like Bear out of Heaven!


Jennifer Aniston

Like most of us, Jennifer isn't overly keen on flying. However Aniston really makes herself feel at one and friends with the aircraft. When she walks onto any plane she always puts her right foot in first and taps the outside of the plane. It's almost as if she is saying "Hi" to the plane and getting aquainted as a friend. She believes is brings her luck, or more so a safe journey for her and the plane.


Lady Ga Ga

Ok not so suprising that this lady would have some sort of important ritual. She has something she feels about sex! She believes that this perfectly natural thing can seriously effect your energy levels. Yes we all get tired after, but she means energy levels in terms of the mind, body and soul; and she refuses to make love before or during any tour as this would totally ruin her inspiration. She also feels it will reduce anyones life inspiration bit by bit, everytime they make love with some one they don't care about!


Megan Fox

Like Jennifer Aniston, the beautiful Megan Fox has also revealed flying superstitions to keep her safe. But Megan's involve something that is probably best another celebrity doesn't know about. It's kind of funny, but Fox always insists on listening to Britney Spears when she is flying! Fox has stated "I'm not destined to die listening to a Britney Spears album!"


Selena Gomez

Selena has a superstition she probably wishes she didn't start and it involves olive oil. Not to help cook a healthy meal before performing, but to actually drink directly. Yes you read correctly, drink directly. She believes it will make her voice better and keep her vocals perfect. Yes she has a stunning voice so let her carry on drinking something you use for cooking. We expect meal times are very tuneful in the Gomez household.


Serena Williams

The number one Tennis playing lady has to use the same bit of kit through out any tournament. Seems obvious and not so weird, maybe it's her bag or tennis racket? Nope she has to wear the same pair of socks for the duration of the whole tournament! She also has to bounce the ball exactly five times before any serve or bad things may happen. Ok we can deal with the ball bouncing thing, but as for the socks thing.....surely she washes them between matches?


Ariana Grande

Now this is the one that anybody would love and after reading this, performers out there may begin or use as an excuse. Like Selena Gomez, Ariana also has to get something inside her tummy to make her voice sound even more lovely. No it's not more cooking oil but instead, Ariana has to eat a chocolate doughnut! As far as we are concerned there is absolutely nothing weird about this what so ever. Be it a diva request or superstition, there should be pre performance doughnuts everywhere!


Emma Roberts

Actress and Model Emma Roberts has one of those ones that you will surely relate to. Yep the whole ladder thing. She believes that if she walks under one, something may fall on her. If nothing does at the time, she believes bad luck will surely fall on her or her career over time. I wouldn't worry to much Emma, with that lovely smile I'm sure people will love you forever even if you sat under a step ladder!


Katy Perry

Here is something that Katy Perry takes very seriously, however we are not sure how many other superstars would want to do this. Katy insists on a working out and doing a warm up before any show or concert. Surely the amount of singing, dancing and moving around on stage would be enough for the stunning Firework. Nope not Katy, working out must be done. We are sure it's only a matter of time before her fitness DVDs will start coming out.


Michael Jordan

You may have heard about this one if you have watched the film "Space Jam" Michael tells Bugs Bunny how he needs his lucky shorts. Well this is actually true. Even though he was playing for "The Bulls" he still needed to wear his lucky "North Carolina" shorts underneath in any real basket ball match. He was also allowed to go against the NBA rules of only wearing white trainers as Jorda would only play in black. With his global stardom, both superstitions had to be real??



Did you have a favourite blanket as a baby or child? Well this singing "Royals"superstar did and still does now. So much so that she takes it with her and always has a nap with it before she goes on stage, or performs at any concert. Her pre show ritual also includes eating tons of berries and helathy stuff. We just hope she doesn't get any juice on her blanky, you know what it's like taking them off kids to clean. Quick get it in the wash and dried whilst she's on stage!


Colin Farrell

Farrell is a strong believer of the "Luck of the Irish" and this is a superstition that we are sure woman across the world would love to get the chance to check personally. He has revealed that before he starts shooting any new movie he always wears the same boxer shorts. To give you more info on his underwear, these specific boxer shorts he has to wear are covered with Shamrocks and have "Luck of the Irish" written across the waste band. Like Selena Williams socks, please say these get a wash to Colin?


Louis Tomlinson

Consdidering he is meant to be he oldest member of One Direction. the oldest band member insists on going through many bags of Haribo sweets before every show. This isn't just a boy band childish need, and just because he can; Louis actually takes this "Little Thing" very seriously. So for all you fans, maybe this is "What makes him beautiful" Kids and adults love it so and Louis loves the Haribo!


Paris Hilton

Knock on wood, Paris does what you have probably heard someone say every day. Usually in the term of "Touch Wood"  But Paris has to actually knock on something wooden whenever she mentions anything that may cause a problem in her life or career. Seems a little odd? For the amount of times Paris has hit the headlines for the wrong reasons, her dinner table must be pretty damaged by now!


Niall Horan

Seems there are two membes of One Direction of have a pre concert ritual. Niall also has something that he has to do. At the end of the pre show huddle that the boys have, ah bless them; Niall always has to shout something out at the end of their cuddle. But it's never the same thing. Niall always shouts something different for every continent they go to. Maybe one could be "LOUIS ATE ALL THE HARIBOS AGAIN!"



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