Music never to be beaten, The Swinging 60s!


There is one thing that you entertertainers will nearly always get asked to perform mid set! Chances are, your Nan & Grandad loved it too, maybe your own parents depending on your own age of course? All of our entertainers on Youbook Entertainment  will most likley have been in a venue somewhere, be it Hotel, Club, Social Club or maybe a small pub; and hear somebody shout out "Do you do any Sixties music ??"

Either that or the elderly lady who has been sat at the back of the room, seemingly not enjoying your performance; will finally get up mid set, march towards you and say "Do you do any Patsy Cline, Cilla Black or Aretha Franklin?"

You know her request is serious and you have only one response! With this you dig out that absolute classic backing track or disk and get it in quickly! Well all of us at Youbook love those classics sixties songs too, and this is what that lady in the club, who interupted you remembers!

The 1960's was the era in time when everything changed. The sixties decade was the most incredibly exciting, influential, and vibrant period of popular music in the 20th century. Imagine your parents or Grand Parents meeting up at the local village club, this was their time!

Much of society who loved it will argue with you all day that the sixties and it‚Äôs music, was the only time that mattered and nothing else will ever beat it or come close! It doesn't matter what you try and convince them with or throw in your set from today, they will not be swayed. The funny thing is, some people who weren‚Äôt even born in the 60s will agree with them too!

The whole decade and every day belonged to the sixties .  Many people, including that elderly lady in the club;  still feel the essence of it adds a dimension to our lives today. In the sixties, the youth of the day were liberated from the wartime hardship and the strict attitudes and rules of the fifties.  The skirts kept getting shorter, hair kept getting bigger or longer and the boots stood taller and finished even higher! The fashion and especially the music changed all the rules! Maybe this is why some of the elderly of today will still misbehave?

The songs also sent out a message to the establishment and the people. Protest songs with hidden messages and the words put to the music gave everybody a message that the people could all would sing along to.  Flower Power , The birth of Festivals, Free Love and the Summers of love leading the way! The Glastonbury fans and the youth of today who go to such events, should be very thankful for these Summers of Love.

It was an era that was full of bright colour and images, the Artists as bright as ever; with fans copying the fashions of their latest icon! There are so many Bands and Artists from the sixties that everybody has heard of, still with fans to this day. When it came to bands there was none bigger that The Beatles of course, well maybe the Rolling Stones pushing close?

Sixties music was so popular and so huge that if copies are released today, they tend to score top ten hits! None more recent than late great Cilla Black who sadly passed in 2015, her album scoring a top 20 position all these decades on. Cilla was mostly known by people for her career in TV, but above all she was a fantastic singer. She was the nations sixties queen, especially to the people of Liverpool; and it was fantastic the TV drama was replayed again with Sheradin Smith doing a wonderful job playing Cilla and her rise to stardom!. The sixties has also influenced many recent films and musicals. Hairspray in the West end and as a film, and Mike Myers on the Austin Powers films.

So next time someone yells out and you hear "Do you do any sixties?" or if you ever see that elderly lady marching towards you mid set, you will know what she will ask, what she is thinking and just why you will perform it so brilliantly...................The swinging sixties will live forever! .................................. Groovy baby Yeah!!

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