Guest Blog Marika Rauscher Soprano & Award Winning Opera Cross Over Singer

What do I do? What have I done? And how do I do it?

Ah, the billion dollar questions! Where do I start?

OK, so, what do I do?

I’m an Opera Crossover Soprano. The term crossover often causes confusion as it has no real definitive term, but in my case, it simply means that I am classically trained as an Opera Singer, and cross over / perform other musical genres in their own styles, including (but not limited to) Musical Theatre, Cabaret and Jazz.

I didn’t go through the traditional roots of studying at any of the well-known Music Colleges, and have carved my own path. In fact, for many years after University (having studied Contemporary Music and Theatre at Dartington College of Arts) I worked numerous jobs (including Front of House and Book Office positions for Stoll Moss Theatres (now The Really Useful Group), Operations Management for an Art Gallery on the Southbank and as a contractor in Human Resources for City Banks) to pay for my continued vocal and language studies, and other stage craft skills, which I pursued in the evenings and weekends, alongside any rehearsals for performances I undertook with semi-professional Opera Companies, in order to build my CV and performance experience.

I made the leap of faith, and left office work to pursue my Singing fulltime 4 years ago, and have never looked back. I realized that when you put 100% in, you get 100% back, and have achieved more in these past 4 years than I thought possible! It’s been an exhausting, but truly exciting journey! Long may it continue!

Well, that segues quite nicely into – What have I done? Doesn’t it?!

To sum it up in a brief overview, as a self-promoted artist, I have won industry awards as a Business Entrepreneur / Opera Singer and Wedding Singer, have sung for the Royal Family, performed globally as far as Australia, New York, Singapore and The Middle East. Nearer to home here in London, my recent credits include having performed at The Royal Opera House, The Royal Albert Hall and The Royal Festival Hall, released my own Album “A Broken Heart” (available on iTunes and Amazon) and started this year with the launch of my Book “Singing, Vocal and Performance Tips” (available on Amazon Kindle)

How do I do it?

Running your own business isn't without its own challenges and plain old-fashioned 24/7 hard work. That goes for any business, not least in the Creative Arts! I'm not shy of a bit of hard work, and have the passion behind my work to throw myself into it and keep me motivated. I love the personal and creative freedom being my own boss offers me. I get to design my own job and how I do it! No two days are the same and I am at liberty to try my hand at anything and everything. I revel in that variety, even if it means juggling loads of different hats at any one time, and not always being sure if I'll catch them all. I get a buzz from that! And if I ever feel I've bitten off more than I can chew, I remind myself, that someone has offered me that challenge because they believe I can do it. So, I do! Now, it must also be said, that I don’t always succeed. In fact, failing and falling is much the course. As is getting up, dusting yourself off and trying again! Just never give up and give it a go! What’s the worst that could happen?

Having other streams of income outside of performing is also key to my survival! Although I am actively engaged in Staged Productions, singing for Weddings, Private Parties, Corporate Events and various Recording projects, there are peaks and troughs of work, and the income - unpredictable. Hence, I teach (Singing, Piano, Ukulele and Flute), am a Choir Leader for two Choirs, Lecture as a Personal and Professional Development Coach on Communication, Presentation and Performance Skills, as well as Vocal Coaching on a private and corporate level, and engage in Public Speaking. Being versatile has always helped me, and definitely gives me a cutting edge in an overly competitive field and ever changing platform.




ALBUM - “A Broken Heart”




BOOK – “Singing, Vocal and Performance Tips”

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