Build Your Fan Base One Simple Way...........Be More Social!

Have you bothered to update your social media fan page and talk to some of your fans today? If not why not? If you aren't engaging enough with your fans and followers, then they wont engage with you and soon drop off. So if you know full well that you have the same image or post up, that you put up a few days ago..... hurry up and change it! Your social media is key, maybe even more so than your own website. This is your magnet and traffic driver.  

If you are taking the time to read this then great, but once you have finished you should pop over to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pintrest or whatever page you use most. Quickly check it over and put something new up. Even if it is just a hello, or a bit of news about your last gig; it will show you care about all those people that follow you. Remember, they were the ones that bothered to like you in the first place! Maybe these people first saw you at a gig, so why not tell them about your last one or where they can see you next with a cool image or something.

Ok you may not be a celebrity but these are your fans, so treat them like it! If you don't have any social media at all, then you better get on it or find out what is best for you??

Sophie Pentecost (Above) is one artist who is very pro-active on her social media, leading to a big fan base and bookings. To view her You Book Page, click on her image above!