14 Celebrities Who Voiced Animated Characters

There have been many fantastic animated movies, what with the fantastic Disney Pixar franchise leading the way of course. What with all those cartoons we still watch now ( you know who you are) and not forgetting, all those cartoons we enjoyed in our childhood. 

But of course those characters aren't real people, but someone has to provide a voice for them. But who? Scroll down below to find out just who was the voice behind them. Some of  them you will already know, some of them you will be surprised and as for number 8. You wont believe who was the voice for this character from an iconic 1980s cartoon!


1 David Jason & Dangermouse

This brilliant cartoon that ran on UK screens from 1981 to 1992. Yes it was Del Boy who voiced Dangermouse, the Worlds Greatest Secret Agent, who lived under a post box with his trusted companion Penfold. David did a great job with this character with his phrase being "Strewth" when things went wrong. Dangermouse has been rebooted on CBBC and relaunched in September 2015. Alan Armstrong from the quiz show "Pointless" now provides the voice for the white mouse who has returned!


2 David Jason & Duckula

Duckula was actually a spin off cartoon created by the same makers of Dangermouse, so it only seemed natural for David to voice this character too. Duckula was a vegitarian vampire Duck so pretty harmless to everyone, alongsize is friend Igor. He was an over sized vulture who usually helped get Duckula out of trouble! Duckula ran from 1988 to 1993, with 65 episodes in all. Both Dangermouse and Duckula were on our screens at the same time. Pretty busy stuff for Mr Trotter!


3 Vin Diesal & The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant was an American science fiction film that was released in 1999. It was based around the 1968 Novel "The Iron Man" The Iron GIant was from outer space and as they normally do, crashed to earth. It was set during the cold war in 1957, where the Giant meets a 9 year old Hogarth Hughes. The film has quite a sad ending so we wont spoil it if you haven't seen it. Originally the Giant's voice was to be electronically modulated but the makers of th film decided they "needed a deep, resonant and expressive voice. Vin Diesal being a Fast and Furious decision.


4 Justin Timberlake & Boo Boo (The Yogi Bear Movie)

The Yogi Bear movie was released in 2010 and of course based on the well loved Hannah Barbara childrens cartoon. A bit of a surprising choice to voice Boo Boo, however Boo Boo did like to dance around a lot and get in trouble with Yogi. Maybe a link to the film makers character voice choice? Either that or it was based on the hair style as per the picture above. Dan Akroyd provided the voice for Yogi.


5 Arsenio Hall & Winston Zedmore from "The Real Ghostbusters"

This well known talk show host, actor and comedian was the choice to voice Winston in this cartoons first three seasons. This cartoon ran from 1986 to 1991 and of course was based on the Ghostbusters Movies.The cartoon itself created millions of pounds worth of sales in toys, videoa and more merchandise. Arsenio voiced Winston in seasons 1-3 with Buster Jones taking over for seasons 4 - 7. Arsenio is well known for appearing alongside Eddi Murphy in the 1988 film "Coming To America"


6 Meg Ryan & Dr Blight from Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Not the most Iconic of cartoons, but even so had many young fans. This cartoon ran from 1993 to 1996 and was amed at teaching children to look after the environment. Of course there were Eco Villains who wanted to ruin things, Dr Blight being one of those characters. She was a mad scientist wth a half scarred face hidden behind her hair. Remember the words spoken by Captain planet to the Planeteers. "When your powers combine I am Captain Planet!" But remember the words spoken by Meg Ryan "Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Oh God Yes Yes Oh Yes! whilst banging a table!


7 Earle Hyman & Panthro from Thundercats

American stage, film, and film and stage actor Ealre Hyman is was the recurring voice of Panthro on the original Thundercats cartoon that ran from 1985 to 1989. Surprisingly only four years but it feels like more due to how popular the Thundercats were. Panthro was part man part Panther. Not only was he a great warrior but also a fantastic mechanic and the most intellegent of all the Thundercats. The cartoon as since been revised, but some fans not overly impressed and the new young fans don't know any different. Earle later on featured on The Cosby Show as Cliff's dad "Russel" 


8 James Avery & Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The late great James Avery was best loved as being "Uncle Phil" alongside Will Smith in The iconic "Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air." A lovable character who all though seemed strict, was wise and aways set Will and Carlton straight! So who would of believed that James was the evil Shredder in this brilliant 1980s cartoon, that sparked the massive Turtles Francise and movies today? Thinking back to how Shredder sounded will probably lead you to say "Oh Yes" either that or you will be racing to YouTube now. James also dabbled in providing video game voices such as in the 1998 video game Batman & Robin. But yes the fantastic James was part of cartoon history with his huge dislike of the Ninja Turtles!


9 Fergie & Sally Brown in Peanuts

A while before Fergie hit the music charts, she enjoyed providing the voice for Sally Brown who was of course Charlie Brown's younger sister. Sally Brown was first introduced to the comic strip in 1959. There have been a few people who have since provided the voice for Sally, but Fergie voice when the show was at it's most popular with "The Charlie Brown and Snoopy show" Who would have thought Fergie would have gone from being part of the Peanuts Franchise to a Pea? The Black Eyed Peanuts would of been a great name! 


10 Bill Murray & Garfield The Cat

Some still wonder if Bill Murray really wanted to voice this title lazy cat character in 2004's animated film-version of "Garfield" ? Bill was enjoying a career peek and he had just won a golden globe and oscar nomination for the movie "Lost In Translation" was this a step back? Bill actually confused who the director of Garfield actually was? Joel Cohen or Joel Coen, with Bill signing for the wrong Joel. You can see the issue. In the end Bill reportedly said he had a great time being Garfield and found the script very funny. He even asked if he could be the voice for any Cartoon film version? The former Ghostbuster must of been the right man as he helped the movie bring in over 200 million world wide!


11 Robin Williams & The Genie in Aladdin

One that many know but even so, the late great Robin Williams deserves a mention. Way back in 1992, Disney bought a film version of Aladdin to our screens. As the film was aimed at children it was decided that the Genie should play a lovable and comedic role, rather than be serious slightly frightening character as described in many books. As this paticular Genie was not only funny, but quick witted and wise too, then who else? Robin Williams was the best choice and was well connected with Disney, later appearing in the Peter Pan movie.


12 Tom Kenny & SpongeBob SquarePants

How can we escape the lovable yet highly annoying SpongeBob. I'm sure you adults hear him every day on your TV Screens. as he goes around Biikini Bottom causing mayhem with his best friend Patrick. But you already knew that didn't you as you probably watch it and don't even have any kids! So if you ever wondered who that annoying voice is well itsTom Kenny. Tom is an Amercian Comedian and Actor. Kenny was born and raised in New York and has also appeared in many films and TV shows. His film debut was "How I Got Into College" in 1989. But first and foremost he is SpongeBob. So if you ever wondered who to blame, you now know!


13 Mel Gibson & Rocky in "Chicken Run"

Chicken Run was the first feature length film for British based Aardma Animations studio's, directed by Nick Park and Peter Lord. Released in 2000 it told the story of how Ginger the Chicken plotted for her and all of her friends escape from Tweedys Farm, before they all ended up in Pies. Ginger was voiced by UK actress Julia Sawalha, and wasn' having much luck with the escape until Rocky The Rhode Island Red accidently ended up crashing into the farm. Aardman wanted big names to voice in their first feature length, which is why the selected then top actress Julia. She found fame in Press Gand and of course Absolutely Fabulous. In terms of hiring a top actor to voice Rocky, there was not many bigger than Mel Gibson to create the voice for the vain, sultry yet caring Rhode Island Red Chicken!.


14 Tom Hanks & Woody in Toy Story

Finally the legendary and multi million pound franchise that is Toy Story. There isn't much more to say about this Disney Pixar film, that was first released back in 1995. Such a huge animated movie, there have were two more succesful films that have followed. Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3.  What with the Toy Sales, DVDs, Video Games, Clothing, Theme Park Attractions, Toy story will probably never be beaten and remain the best animated films ever. So in case you have been on the moon or for what ever reason never seen a Toy Story too, Tom Hanks provides the voice for Woody the lovable cowboy doll. With regards to rumours of Toy Story 4........nothing confirmed.....yet!